Gray or blue skinned sea-snake-like people with sleek, seahorse-like features, alligator jaws, and large serpentine bodies.  Several sets of fins adorn their head and back.  They are able to breathe both water and air (with less efficiency).  They are able to live on dry land as long as they can wet their skin a couple of times a day, and have plenty to drink.  There are freshwater and saltwater races within the Varon.  




Varon have a lot of different social configurations.  Everything from roving nomadic barbarians of the sea, to highly civilized kingdoms built at river deltas.  Often called River Men, the freshwater variety are smaller and tend to be more civilized.  One thing they have in common is being very useful to other races.  Serving as the interface between land and water, they are the gatekeepers to a great many mysteries.  Such as the Ancient Ones, fishing information, and water vessel travel.

Varon females have the unique ability to extrude a wide, opalescent sheet of material from a special spinnerets located under a V shaped pectoral flap.  They build most of their structures from this substance called Pearlescence, using it by itself, or as a kind of mortar, holding blocks of stone together.  It comes out soft, but solidifies into an almost indestructible substance.  Diet and other factors affect its properties, so those who produce it are well taken care of. (e.g. Eating silver compounds produces anti-macrobial Pearlescence so algea and barnicals won’t grow on it.) While it is malleable, Varon form all kinds of armor, weapons, and decorations out of it.  Pearlescence is highly prized for its beauty, strength and flexibility.  It can also be folded over other materials to create composites, but only during its fresh, malliable state.  When it hardens it is practically indestructable and fire resistant.  It can not be re-forged once set.  Forge fire will blacken and weaken it, but won’t melt it.

With all they have to offer, Varon can strike lucrative trade agreements with the land people.  What they seek most is worked stone for buildings, and gemstones.  As swinging a hammer is not as easy underwater as it is in air, they don’t do much carving, mining or metallurgy.

They are resistant to compression sickness, and are able to dive to around 5,000 feet.  Though they do not stay down that deep for very long.  They tend to build their kingdoms on continental shelves, preferring the natural light.  Many palaces even soar above the surface for status and trading purposes.  There is however, a substantial portion of Varon who live deeper and further from land.  They are generally nomadic tribes of barbarians who are almost always at war with each other, mariners, and the Shlak.    




The Varon were deposited by an Ark ship 1,287 Before (Human) Crash


Saltwater Male Saltwater Female Freshwater Male Freshwater Female
Height 8’ 7’ 6’ 5’
Weight 280 lbs. 220 lbs. 180 lbs. 140 lbs.
Strength 7 6 6 5
Speed 4(land)8(water) 4(land)8(water) 4(land)7(water) 4(land)7(water)
Intelligence 5 5 6 6
Dexterity 3(land)7(water) 4(land)8(water) 5(land)8(water) 5(land)9(water)
Toughness 7 7 5 5
Vision 5(light) 4(dark) 5(light) 4(dark) 5(light) 4(dark) 5(light) 4(dark)
Hearing 5 5 5 5
Smell 7 7 8 8
Taste 6 6 7 7
Age 100 110 150 170
Reproduction NA Up to 2 / year NA Up to 2 / year
Population 100 million 100 million 20 million 20 million
Group Size 10-10,000 10-10,000 40-800 40-800
Diet Seafood Seafood Fish, plants Fish, plants
Regions Oceans and Seas to a depth of 5,000 ft. Oceans and Seas to a depth of 5,000 ft. Lakes, rivers, swamps Lakes, rivers, swamps
Politics Monarchies, Feudalism, Republics, Despotism, Tribalism Monarchies, Feudalism, Republics, Despotism, Tribalism Monarchy, Republics, Communism Monarchy, Republics, Communism
Religions Monotheism, Pantheism, Shamanism Monotheism, Pantheism, Shamanism Monotheism, Pantheism Monotheism, Pantheism
Special Abilities Swimming, diving, jumping, biting Swimming, diving, jumping, biting, extruding Pearlescence Swimming, diving, jumping, biting Swimming, diving, jumping, biting

extruding Pearlescence


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