The Swarm


The swarm is made up of billions of individual insects, with a few Queens who operate within their designated boundaries.  The Swarm insects have the ability to form a hive mind when enough of them congregate.  Individuals can only follow instructions given to them just before they break off from a hive mind.  A complex chemical data storage tank in their brain allows them to act out what the hive mind decides, while instinct takes care of every other process necessary for survival.

The Queens act like cartel bosses, working behind the scenes to control the destiny of Talifar.  The main method they utilize is controlling the information flow of the world.  Due to their size and intelligence, the Swarm is used by most races and kingdoms as communication devices.  Small enough to fly past almost any security, but large enough to carry tiny written messages, they have created a proto-world-wide-web.  With their ability to manipulate that information in subtle, but profound ways, the Hive are working to take over the world.  The only way they are able to do this is by keeping the Queens a secret.  No one outside of the Hive has any idea there is an organization behind the communication network.  Any who start poking around disappear quickly.




The Swarm are native to Talifar


Male Queen
Height 1 – 3” 4’
Weight 1 oz. 40 lbs.
Strength 1 2
Speed 1 (ground) 4 (air) 0
Intelligence 1 7
Dexterity 5 (ground) 7 (air) 1
Toughness 1 2
Vision 3(light) 1(dark) 4(light) 1(dark)
Hearing 6 6
Smell 8 9
Taste 8 8
Age 1 30
Reproduction NA Up to 2 million per year
Population 4 billion 30
Group Size any 2-5
Diet Leaves, insects Insects
Regions All except underwater and the Poles All except underwater and the Poles
Politics Matriarchy Matriarchy
Religions None Monotheism
Special Abilities Can carry coded information, stealth, intelligence grows as the group does. Secrecy, cunning, access to much information and ability to manipulate it.

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