Krulis look like six leg/armed polar bear men.  Giant, covered with layers of blubber and a thick fur coat, these people inhabit the polar regions and high elevations of Talifar.  They are surprisingly good swimmers and do most of their hunting underwater.  They use very little metal since it needs to be imported.  But rely mainly on bone for their tools, weapons, and accessories.

Adding to their ferociousness, they have chemical glands in their cheeks in combination with a specialized methane bladder that allow them to blow fire out of their mouths in very controlled puffs.  They use this in combat, for cooking, and sculpting ice.  They build towering palaces from this sculpted ice which they will often color with a rainbow of dyes.  Inside, fur rugs, fireplaces, and furniture create a comfortable environment for them.

They can excrete salt over their claws as a kind of de-icing agent that allows them to climb any ice surface.




Krulis are almost universally barbarous.  Often, they will carve forts into icebergs and sail them to warmer climates where they attack and pillage the area, then sail back before their craft melts.  They can stay cool inside the ice until night, when they can stand the warmer climate for short periods of time.

Krulis are very territorial, and generally slaughter anyone they see.  They are constantly at war with each other over prime fishing areas, low wind zones, or any other natural resource.

There is some variety among Krulis.  Those who live on the south pole differ from those on the north.  Additionally, some exist on tundra plains, living in sod and skin structures.  And a few live considerably closer to the poles, on glaciers and mountain tops.  Generally, the further they are from the poles, they become smaller, darker, and less prone to attacking everyone.


Because their thumbs are only partially opposable they are not good at crafting anything small or intricate.  But their primary source of pride and honor comes from spectacle, and so besides their massive ice castles, they import, steal or keep slaves who can craft metal ornamentation for them.      



The Kruliss were brought to Talifar on an A.I. Ark from a system threatened by a supernova.


Male Female
Height 10’ 8’
Weight 1,200 1,000 lbs.
Strength 9 9
Speed 4 (decreases with warmth) 4 (decreases with warmth)
Intelligence 4 4
Dexterity 4 (decreases with warmth) 4 (decreases with warmth)
Toughness 8 8
Vision 4(light) 3(dark) 4(light) 3(dark)
Hearing 6 6
Smell 8 8
Taste 7 7
Age 80 85
Reproduction NA Up to 5 per decade
Population 500,000 500,000
Group Size 10-100 10-100
Diet Seals, fish, whales, people Seals, fish, whales, people
Regions Poles, tundra, mountain tops Poles, tundra, mountain tops
Politics Tribal Tribal
Religions Shamanism, Pantheism Shamanism, Pantheism
Special Abilities Fire breath, strength, swimming Fire breath, strength, swimming

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