Humans on Talifar are quite varied  They all descended from a like minded people: future scientists and explorers.  That is a pretty good gene pool to come from.  Since the fiction of Talifar is being created for the entertainment and edification of humans, they will be the main lens through which we will see Talifar.  And all the statistics are based on them.

As humans spread throughout Talifar over the course of thousands of years, the environment and peoples affected them in numerous ways.  Also, through genetic engineering from their history on Earth, there was a fair assortment of ‘specialized’ humans.  Some that were very lithe and small, some large and hairy, but none with pointy ears. There were different races created to thrive in various ecosystems.  Darker, semi-reflective copper skinned people for tropical and equatorial regions.  Furry, chunky people for colder climes.  Very small people for scarce-resource areas.  There is even a race designed for living in water.  Because the settlers did not know what kind of a planet they might find they had a contingent of several different groups.  There are many different cultures and philosophies throughout humankind.


Male Female
Height 6’ 5’9”
Weight 170 lbs. 130 lbs.
Strength 5 5
Speed 5 5
Intelligence 5 5
Dexterity 5 5
Toughness 5 5
Vision 5(light) 2(dark) 5(light) 2(dark)
Hearing 5 5
Smell 5 5
Taste 5 5
Age 90 95
Reproduction NA Up to 1 per year
Population 100 million 100 million
Group Size 20-5,000 20-5,000
Diet Grains, meat, fruit Grains, meat, fruit
Regions All except underwater and the Poles. All except underwater and the Poles.
Politics All All
Religions Monotheism, Humanism, Atheism, Pantheism Monotheism, Humanism, Atheism, Pantheism
Special Abilities Good adapters Good adapters

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