Garloon are like a mix between elves, trolls, and gazelle.  They are large and powerful, with a coat of fine, patterned fur.  Basically humanoid, but with backward-bending legs, a long tail, and graceful antlers.  They are powerful hunters and warriors, and very successful at adapting to a variety of regions.  Able to leap huge distances and wear heavy armor, they are a force to be reckoned with.




Garloon don’t mesh well with many other races.  They highly value art and make it a priority in their culture.  This appreciation of aesthetic, along with their size allows them to make some of the most awe-inspiring natural monuments. They seldom build permanent structures, opting instead to modify or rearrange existing nature.  Despite their size, they have long dexterous fingers that allow them to produce very fine weapons, jewelry, and textiles.  Central to every community is a theater where every kind of communication is played out.  Morality tales, educational and religious schooling, historic lessons, political addresses, and entertainment are all formatted to work in the theater.  Each of these is treated differently by the audience, with protocol for how they work.  In larger communities, multiple theaters are built to specialize in different formats.  

Though they are capable of creating large, powerful societies they tend to keep small villages with only a few structures.  Most of them are held back by a strong rejection of written communication.  It is deeply embedded in their culture that writing down thoughts causes stagnation, and that those ideas will rot.  Only the act of a living being communicating through spoken words, pictures, sculpture, music, song, or dance allow the ideas to thrive and grow.  The resulting illiteracy keeps them from fully entering the inter-race world of politics and trade.  Though many make exceptions for them, some agreements just need to be signed.

Another cultural curiosity is their vision quests, which are elaborate and potentially dangerous to outsiders.  All adolescent males go through a period where the state between awake and asleep blurs, emotions are heightened, and they are dangerous to anyone around them.  So this ritual was created as a way to deal with the physiological process. Anyone who makes eye contact with a Garloon on a vision quest causes an irrational rage and is hunted and killed unless they escape.  




Garloon were brought to Talifar on the A.I. Ark from a system threatened by a supernova.



Male Female
Height 12’ 10’
Weight 450 lbs. 380 lbs.
Strength 7 6
Speed 7 7
Intelligence 5 5
Dexterity 6 7
Toughness 7 6
Vision 7(light) 5(dark) 7(light) 5(dark)
Hearing 6 6
Smell 8 8
Taste 6 6
Age 90 90
Reproduction NA Up to1 per year
Population 10 million 10 million
Group Size 50-5,000 50-5,000
Diet Meat, grains, grasses Meat, grains, grasses
Regions All except underwater and the Poles All except underwater and the Poles
Politics Monarchies, Theocracies, Communism, Tribalism Monarchies, Theocracies, Communism, Tribalism
Religions Monotheism, Pantheism, Shamanism Monotheism, Pantheism, Shamanism
Special Abilities Jumping, head-butting, art. Jumping, head-butting, art.

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