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A tall, thin, winged race.  They are very fast and dangerous with a defense mechanism that fires poison hair in all directions, they bring pain and devastation when they attack.  They are also very flimsy creatures; with hollow bones and a skeletal appearance.  Thin, translucent membranes are all that holds their innards in.

Due to the amount of energy required to stay airborne, they are very limited when it comes to clothing, armor, and weapons.  They can carry up to 200 lbs. for very short distances, and then must rest for hours to recover.




Their social structure varies radically from group to group.  Some seek peace with other species, but many prefer battle and domination.  Most are migratory nomadic, building temporary structures out of woven wood and branches.  Being cold-blooded, they travel towards the equator in the winter, mainly to deserts.  In the summer they tend to live around the tree line in mountainous areas.

There are a few permanent Driddyon buildings and monuments around Talifar.  These are built by the more civilized factions.  There is minimal trade between Driddyon and other races for two reasons.  Firstly, most races are terrified of them, their language is very difficult to understand, and the males who are the ones who do the traveling are very stupid.  And secondly, Driddyon don’t have many needs that they can’t fulfill themselves.  Some of the more civilized colonies have taken to wearing decorative sashes, cords, and ribbon.  But these are seen as luxuries.

Like Koala bears, there is one particular food source that they all need to live.  It is a cactus-like plant that produces a very thick sap.  This sap works perfectly with their metabolism, powering them like no other food source.  So those that wish to expand their territory must plant groves of this plant at least a year or two before they can move into the new area.

Another unpleasant fact is that their reproduction cycle requires a live animal which they attach a parasitic egg that fuses with the host body, sapping its life to grow.  They usually find small creatures like sheep, but some of the nastier tribes are known to grab sentient species, including human children and Spitters.  

Generally the females are the political and religious leaders.  They are more intelligent and live longer than the males for a variety of reasons.  (Mainly the men-only military campaigns, and less flying stresses on the part of the females.)




Driddyon were brought to Talifar on the A.I. Ark from a system threatened by a supernova.



Male Female
Height 6’ 16’
Weight 50 lbs. 600 lbs.
Strength 2 7
Speed 3 (ground) 9 (air) 3 (ground) 9 (air)
Intelligence 2 6
Dexterity 3 (ground) 7 (air) 3
Toughness 2 7
Vision 9(light) 5(dark) 9(light) 5(dark)
Hearing 6 6
Smell 1 1
Taste 4 4
Age 10 60
Reproduction NA Up to 2 per year(F) 1/day (M)
Population 10,000 200
Group Size 200 6
Diet Plant matter, sap, meat Plant matter, sap, meat
Regions Temperate Mountainous, and Desert Temperate Mountainous, and Desert
Politics Matriarchy, Communism Matriarchy, Communism
Religions Shamanism, Pantheism, Monotheism Shamanism, Pantheism, Monotheism
Special Abilities Flight, poison to the touch, long scythe-like appendages, very fast. Size, long scythe-like appendages, spear like toes.


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