Spitters (AKA The People,  Krachnak, Dung Suckers)




They are short, stout, black leathery beings that can curl up into a lump.  They can extrude webbing from their hands and can defend themselves by spitting noxious venom or swelling up like a needle blowfish.  The have sharp little teeth and they eat fecal matter or rotten/moldy organics.  They do not find this in the least bit humiliating.  They consider all the lower lifeforms that process their nutrients for them in the same way human hunters and farmers consider their animals to be machines that convert energy from plant to meat form. 




Calling themselves “The People”, these little guys have closed off almost all relationships with outside races.  They see all other species except for the giants as lower animals.  Generally pursuing knowledge, they build their societies around gathering information.  Working secretly to build libraries of data as well as ‘herding’ various species around with a grand, thousand-year-plan.  Most other races don’t realize or care about their intelligence or pursuits, they just like that their waste is disposed of.  So there is a tenuous relationship with most cultures.




On their home planet, spitters were originally parasites on the Majismontem, but when the Giants advanced technologically enough the spitters were genetically modified to be servants to them.  After settling on Talifar they grew in numbers and as the Majismontem left their farming and spread around the planet, many spitter colonies emerged independent.  But they are still genetically attracted to the Majismontem with a kind of familial bond, so they generally consider it an honor to serve as a Majismontem groomer


  Male Female
Height 2.5’ 2’
Weight 30 lbs. 30 lbs.
Strength 3 2
Speed 3 3
Intelligence 6 6
Dexterity 5 5
Toughness 6 6
Vision 5(light) 7(dark) 5(light) 7(dark)
Hearing 7 7
Smell 9 9
Taste 8 8
Age 100 100
Reproduction NA Up to 2 per year
Population 20 million 20 million
Group Size 100-10,000 100-10,000
Diet Fecal matter Fecal matter
Regions All except underwater and the Poles All except underwater and the Poles
Politics Republics, Communism Republics, Communism
Religions Monotheism, Humanism Monotheism, Humanism
Special Abilities Webbing, much knowledge, stealth Webbing, much knowledge, stealth

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I’m calling it now before anyone else, Scolla gonna be my favorite character in the novel, idk something about the fact that he’s a writer and short with huge ego makes him very interesting, but now while I’m writing this comment I noticed that they eat poop, seriously Josh what the heck LOL, why you made these intelligent creatures eat poop (guess to make the enemies go away since they’re weak lol), also something about them having a huge ego and eating a poop seems weird since eating poop is a humiliating act, unless they don’t have this concept where… Read more »

Lelia Rose Foreman

They are coprophages, but might be better understood as bacteriophages and mycophages. The majismontems engineered them to be a solution and never noticed how bright the little guys were. They went on to form their own vast underground (literally underground) civilization. They are attempting to cause peace across the entire planet of Talifar. If they can’t have peace, they’ll settle for extermination of the warring species. Most people have no idea they are more than disgusting animals. Why they should be considered disgusting when they keep cities clean and provide odorless fertilizer in return is puzzling. But since they are… Read more »