A Little Magic

Summer Dawn is a part of an offshoot of humans who are half sized, but full of life.  A tragedy forces her to leave the city of Megaloth to live with her nature-loving extended family.  Unable to handle the culture shock she finds her way to to the mystical land called Crash Site.  According to legend this is the birthplace of all humans and magic.  Can she find her place in an over-sized world?


Killing the Sidj

A little girl’s family is slaughtered by the barely sentient plant-like creatures called the Siij.  When she comes of age she vows to destroy them all.  But only with the help of an unlikely ally, an adolescent Garloon who has been banished from his tribe until he matures.  Interwoven between their stories we explore the mind of a drone-like blood thirsty Siij who is fighting to feed and relocate his mother tree.

Sailing from Stoneshell

Bowmark’s little brother has become a surly teenager who’s desperate to leave home and escape the shadow of his brother the king.  What will happen when he tries to bring the stolen holy books back to an island they had stayed hidden from for generations?

The Melting Kingdom

A human slave tries desperately to get his large polarbear-like masters to change their ways so they can all survive a harrowing voyage down a river on an ever shrinking chunk of ice.

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